Aquameg 770

Air drying / drying forced
 hybrid emulsion
 Water-based varnish
 thermal class H (180 ° C)
 High quality emulsion for sealing and protection of all types of transformers, inductors, chokes, and electric motors, rotors, armatures CC, etc.
  Brochure Aquameg 770


Aquameg 770 an advanced air-drying varnish based on a hybrid aqueous emulsion.

The product can be used for thermal systems class H (180 ° C) but is able to withstand temperatures up to 220 ° C for short periods.

Being water based it is absolutely nonflammable, does not give off odors or annoying or aggressive vapors, do not need special facilities or measures storage and allows much safer handling.

This varnish has an extremely low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) so it is virtually free of emissions.

Unlike the clear coatings (anti-flash) with traditional organic solvents, Aquameg 770 not carry the odor during application.

The product, when cured, has a hard aspect and both flexible with excellent electrical properties at high temperatures, it is also very resistant against moisture and saline environment.

It has excellent resistance to mineral oils, moisture and chemicals.